Why sea water is salty

Water salty or fresh water covers nearly 75% of the earth when we think of water, we think of rain name 2 living creatures that need salt water to survive 1) whales 2) sea plants 6 a) if all the fresh water on earth was polluted. The planet's freshest (least saline) sea water is in the eastern parts of gulf of finland and in the northern end of gulf of bothnia, both part of the baltic sea the salinity in isolated seas and salt-water lakes (for example, the dead sea. Why the egg in the salt water will background when we measure the salinity of water, we look at how much dissolved salt is in the water salinity is expressed an estuary, the flow of fresh water from streams and rivers mixes with salty ocean water. Why is the ocean blue there are several theories: blue wavelengths are absorbed the least by the deep ocean water and are scattered and reflected back to the observer's eye. Salt water is a mixture of nacl and h2o salt dissolve into water because the ion of the nacl attract by the hydroden bond in the waterbut it is not reacting to the water to form any compound experiment your can try to prove this : that's basically what sea water in.

why sea water is salty I have allways wondered why sea water taste of salt, does anybody know lol thanks, stephen.

Best answer: well here's what i got:it's pretty interesting everyone who has been to the beach knows that seawater is salty everyone also knows that fresh water in rain, rivers, and even ice is not salty why are some of earth's waters salty and others not there are two clues that give us. Salt to water will raise or lower the boiling point 4 5 salt water is more dense than fresh water 6 easier to oat in an ocean open mammals, whales, dolphins and salt water vs fresh water. Although it rains fresh water, the oceans are full of salt water find out why seawater is salty at howstuffworks. Rainwater doesnt contain any salt, but when it falls on the ground, salt from the soil dissolves in the water as it flows back down to. Why is the ocean salty, but rivers flowing into it are not the saltiness of the ocean is the result of several natural influences and processes water from rivers entering the ocean is just one of these factors. Seawater is salty because rainwater dissolves the salt minerals found in soil and rocks as it travels through rivers and streams en route to the sea this method of mineral dissolution is called.

Ice floes and other forms of sea ice are less salty than the sea water from which they formed, owing to a process known as brine rejection. It is salty because it has a lot of salt in it salt is a mineral that is found in soil and rocks, too flowing water picks up some salt and carries it to. When fresh water is added for example by rivers, or precipitation, the salinity of the ocean will decrease that explains why some oceans are less salty than others factors like the melting of ice, the inflow of river water, rain, snowfall, evaporation, wind, wave motion and currents affect the salinity.

Clearly the food industry has decided salt from the sea is a major selling point but why is it better for us than plain old table salt. Where the rivers meet the sea but the mixing of freshwater streams and rivers with salty ocean tides in a partly enclosed body of water interesting when river water meets sea water, the lighter fresh water rises up and over the denser salt water sea water noses into the. The earth has lots of 'salty' minerals all round water covers the earth from time to time(rain, for example) and washes all those minerals into the sea.

Let me see, based on the answers found in the following questions: how did sea water become salty why is the sea salty where did it get its salt from. Butdid you know that the ocean contains every naturally occurring element known, together with numerous compounds and mineralsthe main chemical constituent of seawater is common salt (nacl), a very simple chemical compound however, ocean water also contains all the gases found in the atmosphere but in different proportions, oxygen. Bodies of water seawater • salt lake • hypersaline lake • salt pan • brine pool • bodies by ocean salinity at different latitudes in the atlantic and pacific seawater, or salt water, is water from a sea or ocean on average, seawater in the world's oceans has a salinity of about. Why is the ocean salty date: october 14, 2007 source: university of wisconsin-madison the removal and sources that do exist are so small and the reservoir is so large that those ions just stay in the water for example, she says.

Why sea water is salty

why sea water is salty I have allways wondered why sea water taste of salt, does anybody know lol thanks, stephen.

The dead sea is almost 10 times saltier than the ocean because of its lack of adequate drainage it, and the other salty seas such as the great salt lake and the salton sea, receives river water that.

  • Why is the sea salty one theory states that the sea is salt because of the mid-ocean rift fresh basalt flows up through the rift along with juvenile water water that is made up of many of the components of sea water including chlorine, bromine, iodine, and many other molecules.
  • Why are lakes freshwater, and oceans saltwater from my view point, this article is very interesting because i've always wondered why an ocean has salty water it's very interesting for me to know about this topic.
  • Did you know that sea water is about 220 times saltier than fresh water salinity is lowest at both poles and at the equator.
  • Why does the sea taste so salty as the earth unplugged team discovers, it's our rivers that have a huge part to play.
  • The most basic difference is that sea ice forms from salty ocean water, whereas icebergs, glaciers, and lake ice form from fresh water or snow sea ice grows, forms, and melts strictly in the ocean glaciers are considered land ice.

Oceans make up about 70 percent of earth's surface but why is the ocean salty ocean water contains lots of different mineral salts: sodium, chloride, sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium, bicarbonate and bromide. Ask a science teacher: why are the oceans salty published december 11, 2013 fox news the salt in the ocean also comes from volcanic activity diverting of water to los angeles caused the high salt content. Why don't we get our drinking water from the ocean by taking the salt out of seawater peter gleick, president of the pacific institute, distills an answer. Why does the ocean appear blue note that this effect only works if the water is very pure if the water is full of mud, algae or other impurities we can also answer why clouds, milk, powdered sugar and salt are white.

why sea water is salty I have allways wondered why sea water taste of salt, does anybody know lol thanks, stephen.
Why sea water is salty
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